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A responsive website design that acts as a showcase of Vinidex's products and solutions, and a critical touch point for consumers.

Proudly showcasing products and their applications in various industries

Vinidex is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of advanced pipe systems and solutions for the transportation of fluid and energy. The company is backed by the strength of Aliaxis, a global leader in plastic piping solutions, employing over 16,000 people worldwide.

Vinidex approached Need a Web to redevelop their website to showcase their product range and industry solutions. A major goal for the project was to significantly improve the user experience of their website, as well as to make it extremely easy for customers and staff to access the information and resources they need through desktop and mobile devices.


Project Goals

  • Raise brand and service awareness

  • Provide information and resources to help consumers

  • Promote products and associated fittings

  • Facilitate consumer engagement, lead enquiries and support for the organisation

Our Solution

After extensive discussions with key stakeholders and a deep-dive into Vinidex’s industry and market, we presented a solution that supports their organisation in the present day and provides a solid foundation for their digital strategy roadmap into the future.

  • UX Design to serve numerous consumer groups

  • Interactive Applications Map to present industry solutions

  • Showcase a comprehensive range of products

  • Provide product support and technical resources sections

  • Modern, responsive web design


Serving consumer groups with thoughtful UX Design

We considered user journeys of all the various Vinidex website users and came up with thoughtful UX Design that allows them all to find what they need.

Vinidex attend numerous trade shows across various industries, so we chose to incorporate landing pages for the primary industries they serve. Our Solutions section is comprised of five industry landing pages tailored to industry-specific consumers. These landing pages are now key touchpoints for various consumer segments and are central to Vinidex’s digital strategy.

Presenting industry solutions to simplify the user journey

We developed a custom feature to showcase the various applications of Vinidex products across different industries. From building and infrastructure to mining and gas, our Interactive Applications Maps present industry-specific applications of Vinidex products in a simple, visual format.

The Interactive Applications Maps are located on their respective industry landing pages. From here, consumers can find products commonly used in their industry and can follow the product links for more information.


Showcasing the full range of Vinidex manufactured and sourced products

Vinidex’s extensive range of products had to be categorised and labelled systematically to allow consumers to find them easily. We created numerous pathways that allow consumers to find products through various user journeys.

Vinidex also have the challenge of selling their associated product fittings. A single pipe can have many different types of fittings which consumers need to be able to evaluate. Because of this, we incorporated a ‘related products’ section to simplify the process for buyers.

Helping staff and consumers find the information they need

Product support and technical resource sections contain a wealth of information for both staff and consumers. These sections are organised within a thoughtful UX framework that ensures all users can find what they are looking for. The easy-to-navigate sections contain various information formats such as product installation videos, downloadable installation guides and product catalogues, as well as data sheets and downloadable calculation programs.


Supporting the user experience with industry leading web design

Vinidex is a leader of the Australian advanced piping systems industry, and subsidiary business of the global giant, Aliaxis. As such, they required a website that exemplified their industry-leading position.

The site’s mobile responsive framework ensures that users have a consistent, high-quality experience from any device type. This is also supported by a clean appearance and modern UI Design.


' ' Need a Web have provided us with an outstanding website that exceeded our expectations. We have received a very positive response from our national and international partners on our new website and have been excited to share the new site with our customers. ' ' 

- Linda Tucker, National Marketing Communications Coordinator


Raised brand and service awareness has been achieved with the increase in users. This is primarily due to the site’s mobile-friendly, responsive framework and search engine optimisation (SEO). As well as a 43% increase in total users, we can also see a 72% increase in mobile users and 45% more users from organic search traffic.

Information and resources provided are evidently proving helpful to consumers. We can see this as users are staying on the website for 45% longer, navigating deeper into the site on average viewing 45% more pages per session, and exiting less frequently with a bounce rate improved by 23%.

Products and their associated fittings are being promoted successfully on the website, with a large increase in views on these pages. Since launch, Vinidex have seen 310% more ‘Products’ pageviews. SEO activities have also ensured that the ‘Products’ page can be accessed directly from search engines. This has resulted in 411% more entrances to the ‘Products’ page from search engines like Google.

Consumer engagement, lead enquiries and support for the organisation are being facilitated by the website. This is evident from the increased popularity of the ‘Contact’ page, a key sales touchpoint for Vinidex. Vinidex have seen a total of 50% more ‘Contact’ pageviews as well as 240% more entrances to the ‘Contact’ page from search engines like Google.

*These results were obtained by comparing data from the month since the website relaunch to the previous one-month period.

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