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Fullerton Health

Multisite Network Portal of 60 websites developed to incorporate new medical centres.

An efficient and scalable system with central management

Fullerton Health Group owns more than 225 medical centres in seven countries, delivering high quality healthcare across the Asia Pacific. Their Australian subsidiary, Fullerton Health Australia commissioned Need a Web to redevelop a network of approximately 60 websites to incorporate newly acquired Healthscope Medical Centres. An efficient and scalable system was required to control content of all the sites from one central console. In addition to this, we also redesigned and developed the corporate website for Fullerton Health Australia.


Project Goals

Fullerton Health Australia came to us with a number of project goals for their digital transformation, including:

  • Raise brand awareness for the group

  • Direct visitors to the relevant websites

  • Incorporate websites for 60 new medical centres

  • Facilitate centralised content management

Our Solution

We worked closely with the Fullerton Health Australia team to deliver a solution that was both practical and elegant. The Network Portal and new, corporate website fulfil their requirements and lay down the foundation for future success.

  • Modern, responsive corporate website

  • Multisite Network Portal with approx. 60 sites

  • Central content management and individual centre management

  • Consistent web design using templates

  • Embedded appointment booking platform

  • Rolling site handover

  • Customised WordPress CMS


A Multisite Network Portal system to accommodate 60 sites

The large-scale website migration necessitated an efficient, structured system.

We built Fullerton Health Group a WordPress Multisite Network Portal to allow the network administrator to run and manage all clinic sites from a single dashboard. Each clinic on the network also has its own admin with the capability to manage only their own website.

The main central domain, Fullerton Health Medical Centres, contains content pages as well as links to the individual medical centres, grouped by state. The individual centres each follow the same branding and layout as the main site.

Managing content effectively at all levels

The Multisite approach allows Fullerton Health Australia to manage content centrally as well as plugins and themes from a ‘master’ install.

The network administrator has the ability to manage all sites from a single dashboard. This approach allows individual centres to maintain some of their own content, such as doctor listing and opening times, whilst ensuring restrictions to other content as required by Fullerton Health in the interest of consistency.


Consistency in web design branding and structure

It was determined that approximately 70% of users reach the medical centre sites on mobile devices. For this reason, a mobile-first approach was selected to optimise website design for the platform most commonly used by customers.

A standard template was created to ensure consistency in branding and structure throughout all the medical clinics.

All 60 clinics owned by Fullerton Health Australia are now branded consistently and newly acquired clinics can be incorporated into the network easily and efficiently.

Value for users with an appointment booking platform

Fullerton Health Group wanted to simplify how patients book appointments at their many clinics.

A third-party booking engine was incorporated seamlessly into the WordPress Multisite platform, allowing users to select their chosen practitioner and appointment time.

As Fullerton Health Group expands its range of medical centres, this unique feature makes it faster and simpler for users to find their preferred clinics.


Ease of management with a rolling site handover

An aggressive timeframe was used to complete the large number of website redevelopments in time for corporate cut off dates for the site handovers. A rolling site handover was determined to be the best approach for the convenience of Fullerton Health Australia. The sites were handed over as they were developed to ensure Fullerton Health Australia’s ease of website management.


Fullerton Health Australia now has an elegant digital solution that gives them a professional, contemporary online presence. The corporate website is serving users well, informing them about the organisation and giving them the resources they need.

The Medical Centres Website Network Portal is also now fully operational with the efficient administration of all clinic websites. Individual administrators have restricted access which is controlled centrally by head office, giving Fullerton Health Australia the ability to effectively manage all clinics on their extensive network.

Since being incorporated into the Website Network, individual clinic sites are now each averaging approximately 1400 users per month. Users are successfully being directed towards the ‘Book an Appointment’ page; the majority of users navigate to ‘Book an Appointment’ within a single click from the home page.

The high availability hosting we provide is fully maintained and automatically upgraded to provide high-level security and robustness to the whole Network Portal and corporate website. Additionally, we are providing constant monitoring of performance and behaviour of all sites.


' ' When we needed to build and migrate over 60 sites within a challenging timeframe, we turned to our trusted partner Need a Web to deliver. Need a Web was able to successfully develop a multi-site framework, and subsequently migrate over 60 sites into the framework within the timeframes set by our business. Since going live the solution has made maintaining content across a large volume of sites substantially easier. We now have all of the hosting and maintenance for the sites taken care of by Need a Web providing peace of mind for our sites which have high volumes of online patient bookings. ' ' 

- Anita Harvey, Head of Brand & Marketing

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