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RSPCA South Australia

Increasing charitable donations by developing a flexible web form solution built for agile marketing.

RSPCA South Australia is a much-loved charity, dedicated to improving the lives of all animals across South Australia.

RSPCA South Australia is almost entirely funded by community donations so it is vital that they make every dollar count and everything they do, including implementing their digital strategy, is done in a way that supports their ongoing work.

As digital partners, who also often fundraise for the organisation, we understand the importance of developing simple and streamlined digital solutions that increase RSPCA South Australia’s capacity to run campaigns and increase their online donations.


Project Goals

In order to become a more agile digital marketing team and capitalise on opportunities to create campaigns quickly, RSPCA South Australia needed a digital tool that would allow them to:

  • Quickly create flexible campaigns, landing pages and donation forms

  • Increase user conversions

  • Seamlessly integrate with CRM to manage user data


Our Solution

We worked with RSPCA South Australia to create a donation form solution which gives them the ultimate flexibility and control. RSPCA South Australia can now create their own campaign landing pages using our custom-built template, incorporating our form solution quickly and easily.

  • Flexible campaign template

  • Customisable form configuration

  • Integration with CRM and payment gateways

  • Social features incorporated in UX Design

Flexible campaign templates for an agile approach

RSPCA South Australia can now manage their own donation forms without needing a developer or an agency for each campaign. This provides a more efficient use of budgets and speeds up timelines. Now, RSPCA South Australia can be more agile in their approach and quicker to market for their campaigns.

The flexible campaign template allows for various layouts and setups, giving RSPCA South Australia a powerful tool to run their campaigns with.


Aiding conversions with customisable form configuration

We created a donation form that could easily be customised and incorporated into landing pages in an agile way. RSPCA South Australia can choose which form fields are relevant to their campaign and opt to display these on the landing page. They also have the ability to define recommended donation amounts for users alongside a monthly donation option.

Now, RSPCA South Australia can have as many landing pages and donation form variations as they need across their campaigns at any one time.

Seamless integration with CRM and payment gateways

The donation form solution integrates directly with RSPCA South Australia’s CRM platform, capturing customer data and storing it against individual users in the system. This enables them to track the donation journeys of their customers and keep in contact once they have permission to do so.

Our integration also connects the form with payment gateways for PayPal, major credit cards, and direct debit cards so that customers can choose to donate with their payment method of choice. Streamlining this option and creating a great user experience will help more customers than ever make online donations to RSPCA South Australia.


Offering a brilliant user experience by incorporating social features

Giving to charity doesn’t have to be done in secret. Often, we want to share the charities close to our hearts with our family, friends and community.

With this in mind, we included functionality for the RSPCA South Australia website to display messages from users who have donated. Additionally, a dynamic chart on the landing page lets users track the progression of campaign donations. When they donate, they can see the amount getting closer towards the goal of the campaign.

We also included a feature allowing users to share the fact they have donated to their social channels, helping to bring their networks into the RSPCA South Australia community.


RSPCA South Australia now have an excellent digital solution for their business and their supporters. The marketing team can now easily set up and manage many campaigns simultaneously, while supporters have a quick and convenient way to make donations.

The platform has been so successful that in the three months since going live, 10.89% of all visitors to the various campaigns made a donation to RSPCA South Australia. Within these three months, RSPCA South Australia received $100k in donations.

Additionally, at the time of writing, RSPCA South Australia has 7 active campaigns which all use the donation form solution, giving the marketing team a great degree of freedom and flexibility.

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