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Doctors’ Health Fund

Smart mobile claiming platform to benefit health fund members and deliver operational efficiencies.

Making claiming easy for health fund members

Doctors’ Health Fund (DHF) is a trusted private health insurer that serves the Australian medical community. Given the fast adoption of smartphones in Australia, DHF recognised the need and opportunity to better serve their existing members on mobile platforms.


Project Goals

DHF wanted to build a mobile app that would benefit their members by increasing the convenience of processing and tracking their claims. They also looked to create operational efficiencies for their business through the automation of claims processing using smart technologies.


Our Solution

We worked closely with DHF to build a mobile app that is extremely user friendly. Importantly, the app also provides the DHF team with a personalised method of communicating with members as well as an automated claims processing system that creates operational efficiencies.

  • Enhance member experience with the DHF brand

  • Functionality to submit claims and track progress

  • Automate the claims processing workflow

  • Allow personalised communication

  • Provide easy app management and analytics

A mobile application designed to enhance the member experience

The DHF members’ native app was developed using Need a Web’s award-winning, customisable health fund platform, yourfund™. This custom mobile app development is intended for both Apple and Android devices and is one component of the yourfund™ member services eco system which processes thousands of claims each month.

The mobile app is designed to work as part of a member retention strategy for health fund providers by providing members with a simple and convenient way to claim for healthcare goods and services.

The yourfund™ app allows DHF members to submit and manage their claims. It improves the member experience on modern devices like smartphones and tablets, whilst maintaining backward compatibility for older devices.


Members can download the app free on the ITunes App Store or the Android Play Store.


Making it easy to submit claims and track progress

The app lets members easily submit and manage their claims from their mobile devices, wherever they are. It simplifies a previously time intensive process, improving member satisfaction by complementing their busy lifestyles.

Members simply input their details the first time they use the app to begin managing their claims. Then, making a claim is as easy as uploading images of receipts. These images can be taken from the built-in camera or from the photo gallery on the mobile device. The member can view and track the progress of their claims within the app on the dedicated screen.

Automating the claims processing workflow

The mobile app comes with an AppController Console that automates the claims processing workflow, delivering significant operational efficiencies. This solution allows DHF to manage all claims through a secure Website Portal interface.

The AppController imports all member claims in a queue. These claims can be searched and filtered, as well as viewed individually in more detail. The operator can perform a number of actions within the AppController to efficiently manage members’ accounts and process claims.

Our solution also allows for easy management of members’ details. If a member changes their details from within the app, this triggers email workflows for processing and updates the linked database.


Personalising communication with members

DHF have been able to increase member engagement through tools that allow them to personalise their communication.

DHF can now communicate directly with their members through various features including in-app notifications, out-of-app alerts, and dynamic pages. Importantly, notification options include the ability to send to all members, specific groups, or an individual member.

These communication options allow them to provide greater convenience for members, as well as serve targeted campaign messages to increase sales and online conversions.

An easy app management and tracking solution

The AppController is our simple and efficient solution for managing the app and viewing analytics.

From a secure Website Portal interface, DHF can manage and process claims and accounts, as well as control features of their app including notifications, banners, menus, content and data uploads.

Additionally, the AppController contains an analytics dashboard. The dashboard provides data on real-time app activity, as well as user behaviour and performance metrics.

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