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Studio 19 Rentals

An advanced, award winning product rental gateway designed to serve customer needs and direct them to partner stores.

Giving customers an experience they won’t forget

Studio 19 Rentals, a member of The Polygon Group, offers a simple and affordable alternative to buying various types of gear, from sports and photography equipment to instruments and the latest tech. Their flexible rental options give customers the chance to try out products without being locked into long-term contracts.

Studio 19 Rentals embarked on this website project to provide users with an improved digital experience that fully represents their brand. Now, they have a central digital platform that speaks to both B2B and B2C audiences and empowers their marketing team to create brilliant campaigns.


Project Goals

Studio 19 Rentals came to us with a number of business goals for the website, including:

  • Refresh and modernise branding including a logo redesign

  • Simplify content management and increase marketing capability

  • Raise business awareness and increase revenue

  • Increase website visitor engagement

  • Direct customers to partner store locations

Our Solution

Helping pursue Studio 19 Rentals’ goals required us to factor in several components in order to create a highly flexible digital platform that occupied a central place in Studio 19 Rentals’ digital strategy.

  • New branding created by our Design Team

  • Website built in WordPress CMS using Elementor

  • Partner store locations displayed using YourMaps

  • Custom Rental Calculator feature integrated with website


Empowering marketers to adopt an agile approach

The new Studio 19 Rentals website was built in WordPress using the page building tool Elementor. This solution gives Studio 19 Rentals the powerful, user-friendly capability of the WordPress CMS as well as added flexibility of the Elementor design tool.

Because of the tools selected, the Studio 19 Rentals marketing team can now quickly and easily create their own website landing pages to suit their campaigns, greatly increasing the agility of their approach. They can use the templates our Design Team have created and easily adjust the content, as well as the layout and design of the pages, for their specific needs.

Engaging customers by helping them plan their payments

We built an enhanced Rental Calculator feature for Studio 19 Rentals that helps users plan to use their rental service. Simply by inputting the price of the product they wish to purchase, customers can review weekly and monthly rental rates, as well as the price at which they can purchase the product at various intervals during the rental period.

The Rental Calculator increases website visitor engagement and is a useful feature that will ultimately help the customer decide which product to rent.


Presenting accessible information about partner stores

The mapping feature, powered by YourMaps – our in-house developed smart-mapping tool, allows Studio 19 Rentals to display all of their partner stores Australia-wide in either an interactive map format or as a list. Website visitors can intuitively use the map to locate Studio 19 Rentals partner stores near them. They can view important information about each store and can click through to their website or to a contact form. The map can even be filtered by business type so that users can locate relevant stores for their own hobbies.

Telling a story with brand design

Working closely with Studio 19 Rentals, we worked to uncover the heart of their brand’s story, represented visually. The new branding evokes an air of creativity and discovery. The ‘work in progress’ element of the brushstroke appeals to customers as they take the first step towards starting a new hobby and exploring their passions.

This stylistic aspect of the logo is incorporated across the website, forming a cohesive brand image and modernising the Studio 19 Rentals look and feel.



Working closely with Studio 19 Rentals, we were able to fulfil their business goals and deliver a successful project outcome.

The refreshed branding gives Studio 19 Rentals the modern look and feel they desired, appealing to their customer base. In addition, the WordPress CMS makes the platform very easy to manage for the Marketing team so that their capabilities are enhanced.

Since going live, the website has seen improvements across many areas. Notably, New Users across the entire website have increased by 23.89%. Further, the Average Time on Page has increased by 29.97% and the overall Bounce Rate has improved by 20.76%.

Studio 19 Rentals have also seen successful results from the YourMaps tool we developed. Approximately 28.59% of map viewers click through to a partner website, indicating a high intent to purchase through Studio 19.

*These results were obtained by comparing data from the first six weeks since the website relaunch to the previous six-week period.


Award Winning

We have long been acknowledged on national and international stages for our award winning work in design, development, strategy and performance. We are proud that this website has been recognised by respected web industry leaders and that we have produced a result our client loves.


General Websites - Consumer Goods for Websites
2020 W³ Award - Silver

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