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Beston Global Foods

Responsive ASX corporate website with inbuilt marketing and CRM integration.

Showcasing company activities and initiatives

The multi-award winning Beston Global Food Company (BFC) provides natural and verifiably safe food and beverages to global markets. BFC, an ASX listed company, has invested significantly into the dairy, meat, seafood and health industries in Australia.

BFC approached us to design a modern, responsive eCommerce web development for digital consumer touchpoints. They wanted the new website to raise global brand and product awareness, as well as provide support to distributors and B2B customers. They also requested content strategy and planning documents to ensure correct messaging for the various users of their site.


Project Goals

  • Increase brand awareness and online enquiries

  • Support the sales funnel for an extensive range of brands

  • Cater to both product and investor related needs

  • Implement an easy to maintain solution

  • Extend integrations to strengthen communication channels

Our solution

We ran a Strategic Workshop with all major business stakeholders to determine the best solution for BFC. Working to a tight two-month deadline, we came up with a solution we believed would deliver the results they wanted.

The BFC website solution:

  • Is optimised for modern devices and search engines

  • Showcases each brand’s story

  • Utilises intelligent web design to serve consumer groups

  • Uses a custom developed WordPress platform and framework

  • Integrates with CRM system and is optimised for conversions


Optimised for modern devices and search engines

BFC wanted the website to be easily accessible for their consumers, across all types of devices. We ensured this outcome by building their website with a responsive framework, and by following best practices in web design.

Importantly, we also optimised the BFC website for search engine visibility. We wanted to ensure that consumers could find the BFC website when searching for the company, or any of their product ranges.

Showcasing each brand’s story

To promote brand awareness and support the sales funnel of the various companies BFC owns, each brand is represented by its own landing page, showcasing the brand’s story and product range.

Products are integrated with their relevant pages within the Beston Marketplace, BFC’s online shop, which allows consumers to purchase the products listed.


Intelligently designed to serve all consumer groups

Architecture of the mobile-responsive website was designed to provide value for the various distinct user groups BFC serves.

These groups include consumers, buyers and investors who all have varied objectives for coming to the website. Each group needs to be able to navigate the site easily to find relevant information and resources. To address this, we designed the main menu to prominently feature product ranges, as well as partner and investor sections. These areas provide valuable opportunities to inform and develop relationships with consumers.

Strengthening communication with consumers

To increase engagement with consumers, a call-to-action promoting newsletter subscriptions is used across the site.

We created an advanced newsletter signup that gives consumers the option to select which brands they want to hear from. This has the ability to integrate with internal CRM systems such as Salesforce. The advanced signup enables BFC to strengthen communication with consumers by sending them the content they want to see.


' ' Need a Web delivered perfectly on the brief provided. Their expert team consulted closely with us every step of the way to ensure a successful outcome. Within the first fortnight of the new website going live, enquiries increased and sales were generated as a direct result. ' ' 

- Maryanne Noon General Manager, Communications and Marketing


BFC has seen 85% more users on their site since its relaunch. This significant increase plays a major role in raising their brand and service awareness, as well as increasing leads. Many of these new users can be attributed to the growth in traffic from search engines.

The number of users coming from organic search has increased by 255%. Because the new BFC website is search engine optimised, many more people can now easily find their website from search engines like Google.

BFC also prioritised making their site mobile-friendly to cater for consumer demand. As a result, more users can now view the site from their device of choice. The number of users accessing the site from mobile devices has increased by 142%.

*These results were obtained by comparing data from the first four months since the website relaunch to the previous four-month period.

Group Discussion

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