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Need a Web

Supporting midsize enterprise to scale up their business online.

About Us

Need a Web is an Australian-owned premier web technology service provider. We provide turnkey and customised guaranteed support solutions for midsize enterprises (MSE) to enhance, maintain, and protect their corporate websites and applications.

Our mission is to support midsize enterprises (MSE) as their trusted web services partner to exploit the full potential of their website assets so they can expand into new markets, provide better customer experiences, and thrive in a digital landscape.

As your web technology service provider, we’ll provide solutions that:

  • Deliver improved website experiences designed specifically for your customers, members, and users

  • Increase the effectiveness, security, and performance of your websites

  • Deliver operational efficiencies through integrated and automated platforms

  • Help you to meet the continually changing needs of digital consumers

  • Host, support, and protect your digital assets


Not all digital agencies are created equal. Here’s why we’re different.

  1. Experience – We’ve led the way in delivering successful outcomes that meet clients’ goals and objectives.

  2. Dependability – We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your service experience is stress-free and confidence-inspiring.

  3. Custom Solutions – We don’t provide “one size fits all” solutions. When you work with us, you can be confident that we will provide solutions specifically designed to meet your desired outcomes, not someone else’s.

  4. Reputation – We’re respected industry leaders committed to meeting compliance and service-delivering standards.

Our Journey

In 2013 Need a Web began, as many businesses do, in a spare bedroom. Within a year, we had grown to occupy our first studio located in Adelaide. Our burgeoning evolution drove our expansion into new markets and saw us attract and employ some of the industry’s best agency talent, from web developers, marketers, and UX designers to business strategists and project managers.

Under the best leadership, the company mission was enacted and further established the outstanding reputation of our agency for providing value and driving award-winning solutions in web design, digital marketing, custom web development, and hosting services.

Need a Web

Today our agency is located in the heart of Adelaide in South Australia, a state committed to sustainable digital technologies and growth. Additionally, our nationwide focus extends support to our many east coast customers, who account for over 40% of our total business.

As part of our in house award-winning web development capabilities in both PHP and Microsoft technologies, Need a Web is a recognised specialist in WordPress, Craft CMS and Microsoft.NET CMS platforms, including Kentico Xperience, making us a certified Kentico Xperience Partner in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Our digital marketing personnel are qualified industry professionals and Google Certified practitioners.

A key advantage over many other digital agencies, and a personal source of pride, resides with our commitment to best digital practices. Need a Web strives to maintain globally certified standards of excellence and provides clients with a central point of access to a comprehensive mix of skilled resources and services. 

' ' We sought to work with a proven digital partner to help us deliver relevant and important super information to our members in an intuitive, and easy to digest online format. Need a Web helped us achieve this goal and more, delivering EISS a beautiful, mobile responsive website on time and within budget. Since launch, feedback from the site has been very positive. The solution delivered by the team at Need a Web has significantly improved the user experience and access to vital information for our visitors and members. ' '

- Nic Szuster, Chief Executive Officer

Group Discussion

Ready to talk about your requirements?

Phone us on 08 8311 2540 for an obligation-free chat with a digital specialist about how we can help to scale up your business online.

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