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Leading industry super fund website that intuitively guides members through their journey with super.

Simplifying Superannuation for Members Through their ‘Journey with Super’

ElectricSuper wanted to update their digital presence to better serve members in all stages of their ‘journey with super’. The eCommerce website design was intended to be mobile responsive and to communicate important information clearly. We wanted the platform to be a go-to source of information, reflective of the great, personalised member service ElectricSuper prides itself on.


Project Goals

  • Refresh and modernise web design

  • Build information hierarchy for distinct user groups

  • Deliver a comprehensive content strategy

  • Create website content to simplify superannuation topics

  • Manage and display global investment performance data

  • Improve accessibility of information for users

Web design for a contemporary look and feel

The refreshed web design reflects a modern organisation that prides itself on great service.

Subtle elements of ElectricSuper branding were incorporated into the web design for a contemporary look and feel. Additionally, a sticky, drop down menu is used so that users can access the menu bar across the site globally as they scroll.


Communicating to four distinct user groups

To build the information hierarchy of the site, we delved into ElectricSuper’s four main user groups and brainstormed user journeys that formed the basis of the new site map.

The user journeys reflected the member types they wanted to communicate with through their website, taking their company value of great service online.

There was an overlap in information required by these user groups, and a twofold solution addresses this, utilising the main menu and ‘journey with super’ concept.

Your ‘journey with super’

We created the ‘journey with super’ concept as part of a content strategy to demonstrate the key value of ElectricSuper as a super fund for life. Additionally, the concept also addresses the overlap in information which was identified in the user journeys.

The concept uses four landing pages (accessible from the homepage) that represent different stages in the ‘journey with super’. This makes it possible for ElectricSuper to direct members in different stages to their respective landing page.

The landing pages can be used by ElectricSuper to convey messages and promote options to different user groups. This approach makes the landing pages a useful means of communication, especially for use in segmented EDM (email direct marketing) campaigns.


Simplifying superannuation topics

Working hand in hand with ElectricSuper, we conducted a review of their previous website and determined the information that was important to each unique user group.

Then, using the user journeys and information hierarchy as a guide, we created copy to simplify complex superannuation topics and present ElectricSuper as the go-to expert for members.


Managing and displaying investment performance data

Investment performance data displays on the website in an easily accessible table. As this data changes regularly, ElectricSuper required a way of uploading it to the site quickly and easily. To enable this, we developed functionality that collects data from an uploaded spreadsheet and displays it globally in investment performance tables and snapshots.

Accessible information for members

A variety of downloadable information and forms, as well as links to third party tools, had to be easily accessible for members. To achieve this, we allow members to reach these items through a number of pathways.

Website users have the option of finding these items by conducting a site search using the search toolbar; navigating to the relevant tools or information page in the ‘resources’ section; or finding the relevant item on the page it relates to.


' ' We sought to work with a proven digital partner to help us deliver relevant and important super information to our members in an intuitive, and easy to digest online format. Need a Web helped us achieve this goal and more, delivering EISS a beautiful, mobile responsive website on time and within budget. Since launch, feedback from the site has been very positive. The solution delivered by the team at Need a Web has significantly improved the user experience and access to vital information for our visitors and members. ' '

- Nic Szuster, Chief Executive Officer


ElectricSuper now delivers relevant and important information to all types of members clearly, through a mobile responsive website. With a clean, modern appearance and easy-to-understand copy, the website is now more accessible to members and serves as a a go-to source of expertise and resources. Furthermore, this approach to online service now reflects the great, personalised service that ElectricSuper prides itself on.

Average time on page is 2:16

Users are spending a significant amount of time on site pages, finding and reading the information to suit their needs.

Low bounce rate of 33%

The majority of website visitors are quickly identifying relevant information and resources they came to the site for.

92% of PDF downloads happen on contextual pages

The new website has downloadable PDFs on relevant pages (as well as in the resources section). This makes them easier to find for users, improving information accessibility.

The majority of PDF downloads now happen on these contextual pages. This indicates that more downloads are now taking place, and a better user experience is provided.

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