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Conversion optimised website for a national medical indemnity insurance provider.

Streamlined insurance management for healthcare professionals and their insurance provider.

MIGA is a leading Australian healthcare-profession insurance provider with over 119 years of experience. They provide medical indemnity insurance and associated services to various kinds of healthcare professionals, nationwide.

We were asked to redevelop the website with the goal of increasing market share and engagement with new and existing members. To do this, we focused on improving customer satisfaction by making insurance easy to manage for members. We made it easy for potential customers find out information, and optimised the site for quote conversions. We also streamlined manual processes for MIGA, improving operational efficiencies so they can focus on serving their members.


Project Goals

  • Drive customer acquisition to meet growth targets

  • Provide operational efficiencies

  • Retain and attract well qualified staff

Our Solution

  • Enhance design of website interface

  • Improve information architecture

  • Integrate with iBAIS system for greater functionalities

  • Provide content personalisation ability

  • Integrate with CRM


A website designed for all its users

We used behavourial analytics supported by stakeholder feedback to develop streamlined user journeys, tailored to the needs of specific user types. This culminated in meaningful information architecture and well-placed calls to action (CTAs) to drive strong lead generation.

We also created a rich content strategy to support a multichannel content structure. This approach presents user groups with the most relevant content. We created a series of landing pages to target content to various user types. This helps to provide visitors with the information about products and services that best meets their needs. The landing pages can also serve as a key part of any search engine strategy (SEO / SEM) implemented by MIGA.

As an extension of the content strategy, elements have been designed to facilitate the acquisition of well-qualified staff to the business. These elements include content features and interactions that harnesses the core tonality associated with MIGA, and reiterate their values and brand identity to potential staff. New online functionality also allows MIGA to easily present and manage job opportunities on their website.

Other revenue generating features of the new MIGA website include product and service promotions and cross channel promotions, which direct users towards follow up interactions.

Adopting smart technologies to give new features to MIGA and their members

The redeveloped website supports business and client growth objectives through the adoption of smart technologies. These are implemented through the integration of iBAIS with the Kentico Xperience platform.

Key benefits of this integration include:

  • An online renewal invitation process where the MIGA member is provided the opportunity of updating key membership information as part of the policy renewal cycle.

  • The ability to book into various events and conferences that MIGA conduct.

  • The ability to undertake Risk Management questionnaires and quizzes that are keyed to the member type and which feed into the renewal rating process via discount calculations based on results achieved in the quizzes.


Choosing Kentico Xperience for content personalisation

Kentico Xperience is an enterprise grade DXP that provides powerful features around content personalisation.

The platform is able to monitor user behaviour on the site and present relevant, personalised content that dynamically reflects the user’s demographic.

Kentico Xperience can be used to automatically create (and segment) user profiles for future communications. Potential applications include helping MIGA representatives understand a user’s needs before calling to discuss their membership, as well as in email marketing campaigns by integrating with a CRM.

Kentico Xperience also has a powerful workflow engine that can be used to trigger automation and notifications. This workflow engine also automates the approval process for creating and updating digital content (web, social, print media).


Internal systems such as iBAIS are now tightly integrated with the MIGA website to provide a seamless user experience. Improvements to the website accessibility, interface design, architecture and iBAIS system integration enable MIGA to initiate and enhance business activities. These activities include driving customer acquisition and meeting growth targets, while also providing operational efficiencies and cost-saving through the streamlining of manual processes.

The use of Kentico Xperience supports future marketing activities and smart technology initiatives such as content personalisation and CRM integration.

Existing member retention has been improved by giving improved, flexible management ability. The website simplifies the way MIGA members pay and transact, receive information, lodge claims, conduct risk management education and update their details.


Multi-Award Winning

We have long been acknowledged on national and international stages for our award winning work in design, development, strategy and performance. We are proud that this website has been recognised by respected web industry leaders and that we have produced a result our client loves.

Kentico, Site of the Month,
August 2017


2017 Nominee


' ' Need a Web were engaged by MIGA to deliver a brand new website which focused on a simpler way to interact with prospective clients and policyholders. Working to a strict project delivery date, Need a Web delivered a site that met the goals and objectives of the business whilst developing a foundation that will further improve MIGA’s position to drive market share through growth and retention of its membership base in a digital environment. It is, however, not just the development of a website, it’s the open and honest process in which Need a Web takes its client on defining and delivering an agreed digital strategy. ' ' 

- Peter Crescitelli, IT/Project Manager

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